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bad superman

Superman is bad, or at least is setting a bad example. The form of the story – helping others – is good, however the core content is bad. It implies that only super humans can do good things, it lso implies that good things should be always glorious and the hero glorified – PRIDE.

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Everytime I ran into a unpleasant situation I got all fired up and blew things out of proportion. Everybody else was telling me that it’s not that bad and to let it go, let it solve by itself, time cures everything. That’s another fine example of fine social bullshit and impairment in accepting and dealing with a situation, laziness at least… .

The Paul Bocuse of corporate management says something different:

Assumption 1: The problem is worse than it appears.

I’ll go with the guy it’s right sice he succesfully managed once the most respectable company in the world. Procrastination in my opinion it’s the worst enemy someone could have. Next post will be about the 4 E’s and a P, exhaustively explained.

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We have a plenitude of goals during our life. We start by wishing that Santa Claus will bring us a doll house or a toy car, we continue by desiring Prince handsome coming by riding a white horse or just a shinny car to impress girls and ultimately a white picket fenced house full of kids that ultimately will build a life of their own letting us with the ultimate goal of keeping the driveway free of dead leaves.

What happens when those things are not as sequentially as we wish them to be?

We should be able to manage that change, to re-think our strategies and our immediate goals. Some will put a name on this, something like Management of Change, however I believe that it’s just a matter of common sense in keeping a clear mind and stay focused on the things that really matters to you. Basically everyone wants to be happy so the ultimate goal along with the means in achieving that should be joyful. Simple as that.

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apple tree

Let’s say that someone has an apple tree in their front yard. The apple tree is full of big healthy fully ripe apples, however no-one around has apple trees so there’s a huge demand. The owner of the tree could make a huge profit that could be invested in other cultures however he it’s too comfy for that, instead he sells just a couple of apples and uses the money to buy an electric fence, BB guns and other measures to help him keep others away from his crop.

The apple crisis strikes globally and some more mature neighbor decides to take the lead and straighten the misbehavior of the naughty neighbor. The other neighbors separate under different groups, some providing help to the initiative, others protesting against it (even if the action itself it’s in their best interest also) thus assuring the democracy climate.

The naughty neighbor refuses to understand the worldwide impact of its actions and take its BB guns and goes into the initiating neighbor yard and start attacking stuff. The now pissed off neighbor with the help of the other neighbors tear down the unsocial behaviorist neighbor electric, barb wire fences or other means of restricting the access to the apple tree and drive the unsocial neighbor outside the village.

Replace the apples with oil and you’ll have a true perspective on the world in our times.

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I’ve always admired people with visions. Not the witchcraft ones but visions of life, plans that others might consider belonging to dreams, some in complete contradiction with social regulations. To have a vision means that you have higher expectations, that you see the ordinary as a mean and not as a scope, ordinary meaning a happy family, a nice house a shinny car. To have a vision means that you have elevated from the self achieving state and you’re now thinking of the safe being of others, you have completed Maslow’s pyramid of needs (extended 7 layers one that just a few sociology books talks about it) and have the desire to go further and further in broadening your horizon of knowledge.

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war is WRONG

war is WRONG, (c) Valentin Roman

war is WRONG, (c) Valentin Roman


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major flu

I’ll be back! 🙂

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out of the box thinking




  • a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country: Japan declared war on Germany the two countries were at war for the next eight years[count noun] : I fought in two wars
  • a state of competition or hostility between different people or groups: she was at war with her parents[count noun] :a price war among tour operators
  • a sustained campaign against an undesirable situation or activity: the authorities are waging war against smuggling[count noun] :a war on drugs




  • an instance of invading a country or region with an armed force: Napoleon’s disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812[mass noun] :in 1546 England had to be defended from invasion
  • an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity: there was a brief pitch invasion when Sunderland scored
  • an unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain: random drug testing of employees is an unwarranted invasion of privacy

as per

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