Posted by: Costin | November 22, 2010

philosophae …

Good brandy (a combination of romanian Zaraza vinars VS and Grand Marnier ), the fresh memory from last evening rock, jazz and blues club visit with an old friend, ugly cold weather outside … just the right mind frame for philosophic mood.

Here’s another … Super-humans like managers, ceo’s and that kind of people.

Everyone think of those as super-humans that are holding the future of their employees using a simple pen signature. You should praise them, open the door for them, talk nice to them, not disturb them, always run and be feared to talk with them. If you ask me and even you are not, this is bullshit!

An individual that has developed awareness will know that those are only common people that instead of  seeing barriers saw workarounds, instead of using the “old road” they took shortcuts, instead of being entertained they were the one providing the entertainment for others. Goal oriented individuals focused in achieving their desires.

There is one problem that may arise in these people lives – some things are not supposed to be thought of as goals but rather should come naturally…


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