Posted by: Costin | November 25, 2010


Career is a chimera. You chase a dream and in pursuing achieving it you are involving third parties as a decisive factor in evolving towards your goal … not quite the good way in doing it. Put yourself in the shoes of the one who is giving the appraisal… would you give a big piece of cake to your employee or just throw him some crumbs, some little some not so little. It’s dealing with survival of the fittest, has nothing to do with common morality and stuff. You’ll never get a big piece of cake following career… maybe when you just don’t have the appetite for …

Do it wright. Prove that you can bring home the bacon and skip waiting in line. What’s the use of having the assets if they are not on the map, not quite producing an output?

It’s all coming up to: Believe in yourself, cause’ no one will do it before you.


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