Posted by: Costin | November 26, 2010

true history

The ones that are ignorant about their history will be punished in repeating it. Behind the “cool” quote, it lays a logic judgment – if you don’t get the lesson from your previous experience, you’ll most certainly repeat it since you don’t posses the know how in avoiding the repeating occurrence.

Preserving lessons learned cannot be done by the rookies. It takes a superior state of awareness in order to put facts in a framework that can be understood decades, even centuries later, it’s the same state of awareness that will lead you in that decision making position.

It takes men of great honor and intellect to carry this task to completion, men that will have to climb step by step the staircase of trust and wisdom instated and preserved by the ones that are already on top. Lower stairs are full with trials while upper stairs are full of knowledge. It’s essential that the interest for this ascension to be kept low and the admission should be on invite-only basis. In chasing away the ones that did not yet experience self-awareness, make this gathering seem a little bit occult but don’t make it secret, make it discrete.

History, who needs history? History is boring, entertainment is fun 😉


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