Posted by: Costin | November 28, 2010


You pass by your boss corner office, you see his/hers gigantic mahogany desk, the leather executive chair, the exquisite  view that you don’t have in your cubical … … … and you think … that lucky bastard!

That’s the view someone may have from the little box is in, no, not the cubical but the framework of thinking.

From the regular employee point of view, the boss has all the perks backed up by the fat paycheck. He doesn’t have to work too much, no sweat, nice shirts, nice company car…

From the boss point of view, he/she has to find always new ways to motivate the employees, to keep  the projects in the budget and in the agreed planning, to establish and keep business relationships clients and to manage any kind of conflicts that may arise.

So that leather executive chair, that nice view have their purpose in all this story – relaxing the big boss. They are not perks but rather a compensation for the fact that he/she could never duck and always be alert cause losing control is only an option for failure which will not only have personal repercussions but overall, for everyone involved and maybe more.


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