Posted by: Costin | December 5, 2010

plastic and focus

It’s an evolutionary characteristic the search for the best feature, qualitative and quantitative in order to produce the best achievable end results, in this case – offsprings.

You will look for the big breasted woman because she will be able to feed your kids in order for them to became  wise and strong, that is if you have all the screws tightened up and no Oedipus complex. A woman will look for a well built behind in a man because that’s a guarantee of a successful insemination, a man will look for the same marker because of the women ability to give birth to children with a bigger head – thus smarter that will have a quick start in life…. and the examples could go on and on …

My rhetorical question is how stupid can you be to let yourself fooled at a connscious level by implants, these days?

Some people just can’t see the forest from all the trees…


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