Posted by: Costin | December 30, 2010

box versus world

I am a paysan. I was born and raised in the country, in the nature, enjoying a real childhood with no action figures like Pokemon or Batman but with the ideal to become that somebody that I found to be respectable by the entire community. That silent respect that people are paying to others which they think are models of success – overall success. Not quantifiable in bank accounts, in assets, in women or in gold. Not with super powers, not with super wisdom but with strong principles that will keep them straight even when they fail because they need that posture in order to take the public opprobrium and also to make things right again.

I see little people following ideals, following happiness, following completion. It’s all about the assets these days. Striving to buy a new house, a new car, and meanwhile losing precious time in enjoying life.

And we think that we’re advancing towards sapiens sapiens sapiens…..


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