Posted by: Costin | January 2, 2011

new year resolutions

As a social habit, everybody is making lists of things to achieve in the new year: quit smoking, buy a car, have a child, get new job, pass some exam.

For all those objectives to be achieved the majority will agree that they will need a sustained effort in reaching their goals. This is the point of me disagreeing with this view on things.

Sustained effort is not enough to reach a goal, it should be extra-effort, mega-effort, super-effort until you’ve met you objective. No coffee breaks, no cigar breaks, no rest until you got it sort it out.

That’s how I do it. There is work time and there is Cohiba and a fine X.O. brandy time, completely segregated. No ten breaks for coffee a day, no ten breaks for cigarettes (not a smoker anyway), focus on work completion upon which there comes nirvana 🙂 … . Myself, I’m enjoying both times … well … mostly nirvana time :)!


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