Posted by: Costin | January 15, 2011

[Latin] Cogito ergo sum – [EN] I think therefore I am

I’ve always got some issues with people in the intellectual elites because they sent out the idea that advanced life concepts are requiring superior intelligence. I dare to say the contrary, things should be easier to explain to the commoners while you’re up on the IQ charts. You don’t need to be a Mensa member to understand life. The following is a logical example.

Now, everybody heard that sentence. It’s a cool thing to say, easy to say, makes you look interesting when you say it and also may fool some people in you really knowing Latin (more than those three words). What’s the core truth of it? Well it’s quite simple. I think makes a referral to the ever-questioning human mind to that why? question that’s defining our conceptions about life. The so call conclusion, therefore I am puts us on an existential plain of self-awareness, we know that we are alive because we are questioning that, we are trying to find a purpose for that and ways in getting closer to that answer. Things a rock can’t do, things that a plant can’t do, or at least we didn’t discovered/have the power to comprehend that. So this philosophy thing is not so complicated after all.


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