Posted by: Costin | January 22, 2011

culture of excellence

I’ve worked for several years in a nuclear power plant, exclusively in the reactor building. And no, I’m not experimenting any fluorescence or Čerenkov effect (for the initiated ones) , so no Homer Simpson or Spiderman stories here.

Beside the technical acumen gathered the best asset was a culture of excellence. What it meant was that you weren’t allowed to go wrong, cause screwing things up in a nuclear power plant is rendering you with no lesson learn topic since you became the lesson learn for others. It’s not relating with accidents but more with incidents since these days everything in nuclear is designed to be stupid-proof, open the wrong terminal switch and down it goes the entire plant – that’s called guaranteed systems shutdown for any Greenpeace member that may be landing on this post. It’s all about professionalism and trust, trust that’s fueled by a high degree of competency.

Detractors will say that mistakes can happen, it’s human nature.When that happens, an individual that has the nuclear culture of excellence framework embedded in him will be an important part in the development of recovery actions (it’s called responsibility – comes packed with professionalism ) and if the screw-up cannot be rectified, an exhaustive root cause analysis altogether with a prevention plan will be his follow-up without anyone saying him to do it. So no e-mail bouncing and blame game where I’m coming from.


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