Posted by: Costin | January 25, 2011


Common understanding of letting yourself go with the flow (the holistic view, not the one in which you’ll use this reasoning to endorse you being a sloth in reacting to stimuli) is that you should not worry but enjoy the ride, not striving to make a difference in your life since you’ll get there anyway. It’s a derivative from the predestination theory, not necessarily to make any sense either.

So what does make the difference from human kind and other inert matter? How do come that those who didn’t played by the rules got in different places than those that went with the flow …  positive references only. It’s in the human nature to want more but only in each of us we can find the power to pursue that or not. There’s always the easy choice in blaming the boss, the company, the government or other imagined conspiracy against you.

It’s coming to either to be a commoner or making a difference … and everyone can make a difference, starting with yourself, or how Michael Jackson stated it in The man in the mirror.


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