Posted by: Costin | January 29, 2011

get it!

Ever wondered why gorgeous women always end up with not at all gorgeous men? I think I have an answer to that, or at least a theory.

Gorgeous women are seen as something to be conquered so smart men always are building strategies in how to achieve that. It’s all dealing with making the right move while trying to perspire just the right confidence level, manhood, power and willingness in sustaining future development of the relationship.

Meanwhile between FEED and HAZOP,  here comes the un-smart man, with one liners that get the girl: Huhhh, I think you’re pretty…. Huhhhhh, I like you very much … Huhhh, wanna make out? And he gets the girl.

That’s why Project Management has squat to do with everyday life since advanced planning it’s not a good strategy. It’s just plain and simple: Get it!


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