Posted by: Costin | February 1, 2011

gourmet pickles

1 kilogram of salt for every 7 liters of water, 3 celery roots altogether with leafs for every 10 l recipient, 3 dry dill little bouquets for every 10 liters recipient, 10 grams of mustard seeds for every 10 liters recipient and bay leafs.

The water is heated to the boiling point then the salt is added and the mixture is stirred until the salt is fully dissolved. The vegetables are put in the jar alternating the celery, the dry dill and mustard seeds and bay leafs. When the water has cooled down to less than 40 degrees you can fill the pickles jars with it. Every once in a while check the jars for salt deposits, if the case just agitate them a little bit.

The recipe is already proved successful and as we speak I’m enjoying myself with my own gourmet pickles.


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