Posted by: Costin | February 8, 2011

straight to the point

I was never a fan of complex solutions for any human problems and to some extent this applies also to the technical field. Every answer should be as simple, logical (less presumptive) and also efficient as possible.

While in Psychology University there was a joke circling around about a patient that had a phobia about somebody hiding under his bed. The usual approach would be to inquire/backtrack the source of this phobia and cure it. The simple, logical and efficient one was to cut down the bed legs thus eliminating the “under the bed” part, followed by counseling, Ericksonian hypnosis and other techniques while the patient will enjoy missing his problem.

Also in the technical field there are two undocumented showcases where two soap factories located one in Asia and the other one in US, were experiencing empty soap boxes being packaged and delivered as full, reaching all the way to the end-customers with potential to damage brand name, retailer relations and so on. So the US company ordered a thorough engineering analysis of the production processes while installing a fancy X-ray machine with whom they could scan and pinpoint the empty soap boxes and remove them from the final packaging line. The Asian company just installed a fan blower on the last conveyor belt …


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