Posted by: Costin | February 12, 2011

south park

I really don’t believe in politically correctness, freedom of choice/speech, equal opportunity stuff or other mumbo-jumbo like this. I fully understand that putting these statements in flyers or in corporate HR procedures, codes of ethics or business conduct will look very good, offering a positive image of the companies however, let’s be frank, this is true to the extent that provides them with anti-sue protection on law trials. It’s human nature to be stupid and judgmental so even if controlled by some rules and regulations, the politically correctness stuff is just something used for PR image purposes.

Myself I know that white men can’t jump or once you got black you’ll never go back (this one I really have an example for) and everywhere I went I’ve always put down this fake attitude first and instead of falling in the ethnocentrism trap, I’ve encourage everybody to behave natural, present their strong areas and points to be improved. Nowadays corporate PRs are faking this attitude under the licensed term of cultural diversity, the same story in the flyers, procedures, codes. They fail to understand that just telling that your company values the cultural diversity is not enough, you really should do something more, like establishing a framework in which these values can be used and the results quantified.

Returning to the post title, I’m an avid consumer of South Park series. The show is subtle while at the same time bursting in obscenities, it’s controversial by its racism while being the most politically correct show ever saw since it’s picking almost equally by everybody with a complete lack of concern for gender, race, skin color or religion…


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