Posted by: Costin | February 26, 2011


I’m a person with faith in Christianity although I don’t find myself as being part of a religion. I try to follow the baseline rules that all religions share and to disregard the more earthly “our religion is the right one” made up rules and regulations since almost every-time I’ve tried to understand them, I’ve got the same answer, because we are holding the right teachings and the Signum Crucis ritual it’s only one of those things to exemplify what I mean.

One game that I like experimenting is the temptation game, I let myself lead into temptation and try to stop on the cutting edge of falling in disgrace. So far I’ve ditched them all since I have a solid system for an updated reality check. I do this cause after these experiences, the same temptation has absolutely no-effect on me anymore, as examples can be smoking, beer, sweets and so on, little temptations that if mismanaged can easily turn into vices.



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