Posted by: Costin | February 27, 2011


These times are full of turmoil, the end of ages, galaxy alignments, Mayan calendars, prophecies that are coming true like the uprising conflicts in the arab world.

Back in Qatar I’ve had an epiphany, The Epiphany, the revelation of the God concept. I’ve realized back then than The Bible is exactly An Idiot Guide for Living The Right Life. From then on I’ve had a lot of religious talks with people belonging to Hinduism, to Islam, to Buddhism, discussion in which I’ve followed the common points in religious teachings. I’ve discovered that every belief was the same but expressed by different means that were more or less related to their part of the world climate, economical status, and other factors. The Torah from Islam is the same Old Testament in Christianity, the Muslims wrongfully believe that Christianity is a polytheist religion because of the misunderstanding of the Holy Trinity while Christians believe that The Islam is only about the Holy War, the Jihad which concept makes more than common sense when rightfully explained by a Muslim. The Hinduism as well is considered a polytheistic religion when actually, if talked with somebody pertaining to the Preist’s Cast, you’ll find out that they also believe in one only God that has multiple representations.

Those misunderstandings are caused by ignorance. People are becoming more self involved and ignorant to the ones surrounding them and religious beliefs are a taboo subject to be put on the discussion table, other profanities coming more handy to crop a discussion on. I remember arguing with an Algerian friend back in UAE when sharing our beliefs before we unmistakeably come to a common stand point that was satisfying both our religious beliefs, and when that was happening, everybody was clearing out the site from the fear that the Jihad may begin.

Returning to the post title, when you know the right way, when you truly and deeply understand the Divine reasoning behind The Decalogue for example, there is no turning back. You cannot go wrong and “UPPSSS!” it, you’ll not be fooling no-one and the feedback of your actions will be coming as a punishment right away. And God has a special way in delivering it to you so you’ll be the only one punished, the only one bearing the suffering.

What’s with this post in the middle of all these life philosophies? Well, religion is more than a part of life, it’s a way of life even for the so called atheists (Kind of hard of denying the existance of something it’s not ).


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