Posted by: Costin | March 3, 2011


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The story goes (mostly by Apocrypha) that some angels (one third as it seems) wanted to start some kingdom of their own following another pissed off higher rank angel. For some many obvious reasons and not so obvious ones, they fail. Then they decided that a trip down to earth for some poon tang will be again a great idea.  Big surprise!!! or NOT, It wasn’t a great idea after all – see the Grand Canyon as the big flood proof. The rebellious angels had the time before the flood to pull some crazy shit, teaching humans all kind of neat stuff like sacred geometry, witchcraft, weapon making and other tricks… ,things that were discovered one at a time and kept secret (highly unlikely that even if revealed the Spritney Bears generation will make something good come out of that) by nerdy secret societies led by guys that never had what it took to make a boybands and get girls so they decided that leading the world will compensate that.

So, why did Lucifer got pissed so much? He was a Seraphim, something like God’s deputy and that wasn’t enough for him. The answer lies in The Book Of Revelation when read in good faith without thoughts of the destruction to come, the Armageddon, more precisely in the St. John letters to the seven churches in Asia. What doesn’t make a lot of sense how come a lower rank angel ,an Archangel like Michael kicked his ass… .

This post comes now cause the Pope just forgive the Jews for crucifying Christ… I’m just wondering if this guy really understand the Divine purpose of that action, The original sin redemption meaning of Christ’s crucifixion…



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