Posted by: Costin | March 4, 2011


Ever wondered why was makeup invented? What was the core purpose of wearing makeup? Being beautiful or looking in some definite way it’s just half of the answer.

The makeup was invented to deceit one to another, alike perfumes for example.  You put a mask of confidence, of beauty, of sadness to deceit somebody and reaching some selfish goals. Makeup cannot be altruist because of the core fact that it’s a fake and when doing something good you aren’t in any need to mislead others no-matter the circumstances.

CONFIDENCE mask you’re using to outsmart others senses that you know what it’s all about, they can trust you on different level even if financial level will be suffice.

BEAUTY mask used in a cover-up of imperfections on the subject or in other areas. Confidence is a side gain, the main purpose is to convince others that you’re a good pair for them, that they will benefit in having offsprings at least as beautiful as you.

SADNESS mask used out of emo-sphere has the unique purpose of getting more or less side perks playing the card of victimization. Pascal Bruckner is quite exhaustive in La tentation de l’innocence.


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