Posted by: Costin | March 7, 2011


In Dude, Where’s my car? they’re using a line that quite followed me all my life.

… and then? … and then? … and then?

I remember from early primary school, when the gym class arrived I tried and most of the time succeeded convincing everyone that playing sports was plain meaningless and stupid, following the question line from above. So the goal is to play against the other team? … and then? The purpose is to score more than the other team? … and then? So you’ll be considering yourself better than the others? …and then? …and then?

I reject the sophism that being competitive from yearly life will set a good trend for future developments in teen and adult life. The mean is good when used in trying to set new limits for yourself but the logic that’s stating that you should be better than others is flawed. The way is to advance yourself on multiple plains and at the same time helping others in doing the same. Adding the pride factor in cross-referencing your developments to others and not to your previous development stages kind of screw it all.



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