Posted by: Costin | March 8, 2011


Controversial subject that put Romania on world’s map, the shitty countries part of it, that is. I’ll share in this post the reality from an up close and personal perspective.

During the communist era, the regime after several trials and subsequently errors decided that there was only one way in handling this minority, that is repression. Not like the German Holocaust model, something a lot lighter, basically just beat the shit out of them every once in a while (after some thefts or other alike wonders were proven to have authors from this ethnicity) so they could cool down. This recipe was working, crime rate was steady and low, things were quite under a more than moderate control. After the ’89 events when Ceausescu was being assassinated by factors that want to keep Romania in Europe’s gray area due to its strategical position, the democratic powers came in – sometimes uninvited, and without a proper assessment of this ethnicity, decided that we weren’t politically correct. So they lobbied, they built constraints, they gone over their head to gain all kinds of minorities perks. Forced the employers to have an equally employment policy, forced the universities to reserve up to 20% of their total numbers of students to gypsies, gave them all kind of social benefits that summed up were bigger than a stupid majority family who worked its ass from six ’till twenty hundred hours. Guess what?!!?! They didn’t touch the vacant positions, they didn’t bother to fill those 20% of reserved student places and what they did was breeding like fucking rats and for every little rat added to their families, their received increasing social benefits up until the point where staying home and breeding was a lot more financially viable then going to work, the work that was done by the too tired majority to have other things on their mind other than sleeping.

After 20 plus years, Italy came in its senses and Camorra start burning the mofos. UK following, but in the British way, nice and steady. France sent plane after plane full of gypsies back in Romania, only to being pranked in sending in a plane trip the same gypsies for four or five times. Meanwhile, in those 20 years, the ones that stayed home received the begging money from abroad, launched in all kinds of illicit actions and giving the trend of politically correctness imposed by the guiding democracies, activities very hard to control since all eyes were on this fucking poor minority that were supposedly persecuted.

I’m a religious man, a Christian in belief even if I’m embracing other truisms from other religions. I support politically correctness and reject all forms of racism, I’ve built the best cross-cultural work teams (Indians and Filipinos) in my Middle East endeavors, I offered and gain respect in response. There is a catch although. You want to have the same opportunities like me, then work your ass like I do. I don’t give a fuck that you’re a minority – prove your skills, your willingness to overcame yourself, stop making fucking demands on the grounds that you’re a minority. This does not applies to individuals with impairments, only to lazy Gypsy mofos that found again a loophole in exploiting the system.

And yes, it’s a fried pig with watermelon, some gourmet dish for gypsies.



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