Posted by: Costin | March 9, 2011


Cleanliness is a state of mind more than a state of matter. If you’re having a clean soul, your earthly assets will be clean also. And this goes on to every aspect in life.

What I’ve found to be very interesting and not so widely advertised for Islam is Wudu ritual. Before praying and touching the Holy Qur’an the Muslims need to wash their fore-arms, feet, heads and faces, and the Islam teachings go further on in saying that cleanliness is half of the belief. When taking an in-depth immersion in the washing ritual, well, let’s just say that having a quick shower is not allowed, it should be thorough washing.

It’s all logical if you put your mind to it, if you’re a slob and everything around you it’s a mess, chances are that you’ll not be quite nice and tidy since there is little to no order in your life and an inferred cleanliness also.



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