Posted by: Costin | March 12, 2011

Japanese excellence

I had the chance to have an up close and personal experience with the Japanese culture in my longest project up until now. One myth that was destroyed from the first day is that they are all Mensa members. They are not. They are average people in the intelligence field, however with some big pluses. They have a culture of respect towards everything in their life and a culture of persuasion in reaching their goals. Those two factors put in practice are giving them more than a competitive advantage. For example, if some mistake or discrepancy is found, that situation will be in the agenda of every meeting they have – and they have a lot of them – so the best resolution will be found in almost no time and the implementation will be immediate, even if this means staying 4 hours over the working schedule. The lesson learned is again passed to everybody so if another occurrence will be happening, the response will not affect project schedule. However I was pleasantly surprised to reverberate to them on the same dedication towards work.



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