Posted by: Costin | March 13, 2011

E.T.I. was a Nephilim?

That’s a though!  Although science doesn’t quite mix with religion, in a previous post I paid my respects to the asshole that started the trend, a conspiracy theory is unifying them back again.

Are there any aliens out there, on the moon or hoovering around the sun? Is that why Nasa stopped going to the moon? What about UFOs? How come are there 13,000 satellites that are either orbiting or being geostationary around the Earth and only a small fraction of those launched were made public? And the questions could go on, and on, and on….

Might be that as for the Jubilee, ETI was one of the 20 disembodies Nephilims left on earth to lead the non-believers into perdition and to strengthen the faith of the believers? Too much info in such a little post…



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