Posted by: Costin | March 15, 2011


Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be!

Control your own destiny or someone else will!

Jack Welch, this Paul Bocuse of corporate management almost had it right. He did manage to lead the most powerful corporation in the world in terms of change management and excellence for twenty years as CEO only, not mentioning the time before that. Those two quotes from him are real life guidelines to be followed. First one it’s plainly instigating to a reality check-up, to really have a thorough understanding of your reality without any influences of future hope (things that are supposed to be happening without any personal action in determining them but only your wishes) or beautified situations (things that you embellish because you don’t want to face heir true nature – not the nicest one…). When you got the first one working, then you can proceed to the second one, taking control of your life. It’s quite simple even if the decision making process is hard. You decide that you’re not fulfilled by the current context in your life and decide to change that. Next you take control of your life and step by step become happy again. This process it may involve some planning, which some are very proficient in doing it wright, however, planning without actual taking action is just wishing so you might want to avoid that.

Number one, cash is king… number two, communicate… number three, buy or bury the competition. This is where Welch drifted …

May happen that a lot of what I call wisdom is coming from the music of my generation, and the chorus of this song it’s a perfect fit for the subject of this post.



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