Posted by: Costin | March 18, 2011

info vs. intel

I’ve always thought that the quantity of information delivered in school cannot be by any means rendered available when needed, there is too much knowledge for the human mind to be properly organized and picked up from our mind’s shelves when needed. Off-course I had to make it obvious by asking every time the teachers how does that particular piece of info will help me in my future life, and needles to say that I wasn’t their favorite student.

For me is all about the framework of getting the knowledge. You need by all means some background that will allow you to get that framework implemented, however the focal point is the intelligence in getting the know-how instead of having a full warehouse of information that will became most probably obsolete with the time. The science of finding a workaround to the unexpected, unplanned events in my view, beats the informational warehouse.



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