Posted by: Costin | May 16, 2011

apple tree

Let’s say that someone has an apple tree in their front yard. The apple tree is full of big healthy fully ripe apples, however no-one around has apple trees so there’s a huge demand. The owner of the tree could make a huge profit that could be invested in other cultures however he it’s too comfy for that, instead he sells just a couple of apples and uses the money to buy an electric fence, BB guns and other measures to help him keep others away from his crop.

The apple crisis strikes globally and some more mature neighbor decides to take the lead and straighten the misbehavior of the naughty neighbor. The other neighbors separate under different groups, some providing help to the initiative, others protesting against it (even if the action itself it’s in their best interest also) thus assuring the democracy climate.

The naughty neighbor refuses to understand the worldwide impact of its actions and take its BB guns and goes into the initiating neighbor yard and start attacking stuff. The now pissed off neighbor with the help of the other neighbors tear down the unsocial behaviorist neighbor electric, barb wire fences or other means of restricting the access to the apple tree and drive the unsocial neighbor outside the village.

Replace the apples with oil and you’ll have a true perspective on the world in our times.



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