Posted by: Costin | May 18, 2011


We have a plenitude of goals during our life. We start by wishing that Santa Claus will bring us a doll house or a toy car, we continue by desiring Prince handsome coming by riding a white horse or just a shinny car to impress girls and ultimately a white picket fenced house full of kids that ultimately will build a life of their own letting us with the ultimate goal of keeping the driveway free of dead leaves.

What happens when those things are not as sequentially as we wish them to be?

We should be able to manage that change, to re-think our strategies and our immediate goals. Some will put a name on this, something like Management of Change, however I believe that it’s just a matter of common sense in keeping a clear mind and stay focused on the things that really matters to you. Basically everyone wants to be happy so the ultimate goal along with the means in achieving that should be joyful. Simple as that.



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