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Our military actions are aimed in providing peace for the people of Libya …

Am I the only one that’s sensing the hiatus in this sentence????!?!?

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geeky joke, nonetheless funny (cc) 2011, Sîrghei Costin

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In a conflictual – what a surprise 🙂 ! – theological discussion between the Islam and Christian doctrines, my fellow discussion partner concluded that it will be good to make me shift to Islam since this way will also redeem himself. Not related with Islam or with my friend, this belief is widely wrongfully spread also between Christians.

However things are not how they first seems like. The redemption is not a followup, a bonus awarded for your belief, but the cause of the effect on the others. You cannot lead to salvation others if you didn’t already redeemed yourself, a blind cannot lead another blind. So only when you discovered the path to soul salvation, you can help others directing them on the right way.

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It’s a great news story but I don’t see anybody telling us what really happened there. So it happens that I’m an insider of the nuclear industry so I pretty much I can do more than assume what really happened.

A LOCA accident (loss of coolant agent) is the worst thing that can happen to a nuclear reactor from an economical point of view at least. LOCAs are big and small, while small ones are just leaks, the big ones relate with the impossibility of the active area to be cooled thus leading to the zirconium alloy (zircaloy) tubes that are storing the sintered uranium pellets, to be reaching melting temperature. This is not happening in a sec but it’s a developing situation if not properly following specific procedures for these kind of situations. What are the procedures saying? Well they’re saying to pump at full power water to cool down the reactor if the primary rapid shutdown graphite neutron absorber bars cannot be lowered due to low level of the coolant agent,  altogether with fission inhibitors (gadolinium nitrate for PHWR designs or boric acid for PWR reactors) at the same time putting the unit(s) in a long undetermined outage.

There’s no issue of power failure since all reactors have different power grids called classes, the last one being class I (one), meaning huge UPS battery banks that are powering exclusively critical safety functions (while other diesel backup generators are available and can be switched over to power whatever unit needs the energy).

There is a catch, the decision taking process in flooding a nuclear reactor in a LOCA situation is controversial since it puts one man – the shift superintendent – in the situation of taking out from the commercial operation an entire unit, thus cutting down profit margins, endangering his position (well, it’s nice to think that the guy might be a hero, but the bottom line of it’s actions means a 500,000 euros/day income cut and up to 1000 people fired) and all kinds of factors that will delay the decision to be taken and try to find a workaround to the situation, delay that is not quite compliant with the fission process in the reactor. Sadly, due to the complex nature of this scenario, automatic response cannot be engineered.

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info vs. intel

I’ve always thought that the quantity of information delivered in school cannot be by any means rendered available when needed, there is too much knowledge for the human mind to be properly organized and picked up from our mind’s shelves when needed. Off-course I had to make it obvious by asking every time the teachers how does that particular piece of info will help me in my future life, and needles to say that I wasn’t their favorite student.

For me is all about the framework of getting the knowledge. You need by all means some background that will allow you to get that framework implemented, however the focal point is the intelligence in getting the know-how instead of having a full warehouse of information that will became most probably obsolete with the time. The science of finding a workaround to the unexpected, unplanned events in my view, beats the informational warehouse.

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The “worst” thing that happens when you experience awareness is that you can’t anymore hate the ignorant pricks surrounding you, just fell pity for, relentless hoping that maybe the time will come for them to start realizing their true nature.

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I miss dreaming before going to sleep, covered by the cold sheets, tasting the texture of air.

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Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be!

Control your own destiny or someone else will!

Jack Welch, this Paul Bocuse of corporate management almost had it right. He did manage to lead the most powerful corporation in the world in terms of change management and excellence for twenty years as CEO only, not mentioning the time before that. Those two quotes from him are real life guidelines to be followed. First one it’s plainly instigating to a reality check-up, to really have a thorough understanding of your reality without any influences of future hope (things that are supposed to be happening without any personal action in determining them but only your wishes) or beautified situations (things that you embellish because you don’t want to face heir true nature – not the nicest one…). When you got the first one working, then you can proceed to the second one, taking control of your life. It’s quite simple even if the decision making process is hard. You decide that you’re not fulfilled by the current context in your life and decide to change that. Next you take control of your life and step by step become happy again. This process it may involve some planning, which some are very proficient in doing it wright, however, planning without actual taking action is just wishing so you might want to avoid that.

Number one, cash is king… number two, communicate… number three, buy or bury the competition. This is where Welch drifted …

May happen that a lot of what I call wisdom is coming from the music of my generation, and the chorus of this song it’s a perfect fit for the subject of this post.

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E.T.I. was a Nephilim?

That’s a though!  Although science doesn’t quite mix with religion, in a previous post I paid my respects to the asshole that started the trend, a conspiracy theory is unifying them back again.

Are there any aliens out there, on the moon or hoovering around the sun? Is that why Nasa stopped going to the moon? What about UFOs? How come are there 13,000 satellites that are either orbiting or being geostationary around the Earth and only a small fraction of those launched were made public? And the questions could go on, and on, and on….

Might be that as for the Jubilee, ETI was one of the 20 disembodies Nephilims left on earth to lead the non-believers into perdition and to strengthen the faith of the believers? Too much info in such a little post…

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Japanese excellence

I had the chance to have an up close and personal experience with the Japanese culture in my longest project up until now. One myth that was destroyed from the first day is that they are all Mensa members. They are not. They are average people in the intelligence field, however with some big pluses. They have a culture of respect towards everything in their life and a culture of persuasion in reaching their goals. Those two factors put in practice are giving them more than a competitive advantage. For example, if some mistake or discrepancy is found, that situation will be in the agenda of every meeting they have – and they have a lot of them – so the best resolution will be found in almost no time and the implementation will be immediate, even if this means staying 4 hours over the working schedule. The lesson learned is again passed to everybody so if another occurrence will be happening, the response will not affect project schedule. However I was pleasantly surprised to reverberate to them on the same dedication towards work.

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