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On top of our everyday actions are different layers of control. One of them, the big league ones is metaframing, that is patterns of thinking.

Common people act on impulses, the reaction however is determined by the nature of the impulse. So controlling the impulse, you control the subsequently reaction to that. The trick is to create the illusion of personal choice, illusion that is fooling the free will factor within us. Another trick is the false positive news in tricking the same free will factor, a few days in advance the media announce a press release about … for example … the possibility of petrol price increase. The public opinion wants to fight back to that but they have nothing to fight against since it’s just a rumor. Two weeks later the prices are being increased and the people just comply with the new situation  since they kind of expected that, however being old news it doesn’t have the same impact.

I truly believe that these things are bound to be happening, it’s a enlightenment step that one should take in his/hers personal journey to himself/herself.

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Das Kapital: Kritik der politischen Ökonomie

The skyline of Shanghai, China (cc) David Wong

Some may argue that Marx and Engels’s communist social order versus the Utopian socialism was a plague, and it was at some extent since in order for the doctrine to be rendered practical, lead positions would have to be filled by manipulative individuals. My only thought is how come communist China became the second largest economy in the world??? The first is USA, or at least they think so due to their services economy, even if the overall impression is of a consumption driven economy. Communism might be bad but Enron was happening in socialism…

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Cleanliness is a state of mind more than a state of matter. If you’re having a clean soul, your earthly assets will be clean also. And this goes on to every aspect in life.

What I’ve found to be very interesting and not so widely advertised for Islam is Wudu ritual. Before praying and touching the Holy Qur’an the Muslims need to wash their fore-arms, feet, heads and faces, and the Islam teachings go further on in saying that cleanliness is half of the belief. When taking an in-depth immersion in the washing ritual, well, let’s just say that having a quick shower is not allowed, it should be thorough washing.

It’s all logical if you put your mind to it, if you’re a slob and everything around you it’s a mess, chances are that you’ll not be quite nice and tidy since there is little to no order in your life and an inferred cleanliness also.

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Controversial subject that put Romania on world’s map, the shitty countries part of it, that is. I’ll share in this post the reality from an up close and personal perspective.

During the communist era, the regime after several trials and subsequently errors decided that there was only one way in handling this minority, that is repression. Not like the German Holocaust model, something a lot lighter, basically just beat the shit out of them every once in a while (after some thefts or other alike wonders were proven to have authors from this ethnicity) so they could cool down. This recipe was working, crime rate was steady and low, things were quite under a more than moderate control. After the ’89 events when Ceausescu was being assassinated by factors that want to keep Romania in Europe’s gray area due to its strategical position, the democratic powers came in – sometimes uninvited, and without a proper assessment of this ethnicity, decided that we weren’t politically correct. So they lobbied, they built constraints, they gone over their head to gain all kinds of minorities perks. Forced the employers to have an equally employment policy, forced the universities to reserve up to 20% of their total numbers of students to gypsies, gave them all kind of social benefits that summed up were bigger than a stupid majority family who worked its ass from six ’till twenty hundred hours. Guess what?!!?! They didn’t touch the vacant positions, they didn’t bother to fill those 20% of reserved student places and what they did was breeding like fucking rats and for every little rat added to their families, their received increasing social benefits up until the point where staying home and breeding was a lot more financially viable then going to work, the work that was done by the too tired majority to have other things on their mind other than sleeping.

After 20 plus years, Italy came in its senses and Camorra start burning the mofos. UK following, but in the British way, nice and steady. France sent plane after plane full of gypsies back in Romania, only to being pranked in sending in a plane trip the same gypsies for four or five times. Meanwhile, in those 20 years, the ones that stayed home received the begging money from abroad, launched in all kinds of illicit actions and giving the trend of politically correctness imposed by the guiding democracies, activities very hard to control since all eyes were on this fucking poor minority that were supposedly persecuted.

I’m a religious man, a Christian in belief even if I’m embracing other truisms from other religions. I support politically correctness and reject all forms of racism, I’ve built the best cross-cultural work teams (Indians and Filipinos) in my Middle East endeavors, I offered and gain respect in response. There is a catch although. You want to have the same opportunities like me, then work your ass like I do. I don’t give a fuck that you’re a minority – prove your skills, your willingness to overcame yourself, stop making fucking demands on the grounds that you’re a minority. This does not applies to individuals with impairments, only to lazy Gypsy mofos that found again a loophole in exploiting the system.

And yes, it’s a fried pig with watermelon, some gourmet dish for gypsies.

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In Dude, Where’s my car? they’re using a line that quite followed me all my life.

… and then? … and then? … and then?

I remember from early primary school, when the gym class arrived I tried and most of the time succeeded convincing everyone that playing sports was plain meaningless and stupid, following the question line from above. So the goal is to play against the other team? … and then? The purpose is to score more than the other team? … and then? So you’ll be considering yourself better than the others? …and then? …and then?

I reject the sophism that being competitive from yearly life will set a good trend for future developments in teen and adult life. The mean is good when used in trying to set new limits for yourself but the logic that’s stating that you should be better than others is flawed. The way is to advance yourself on multiple plains and at the same time helping others in doing the same. Adding the pride factor in cross-referencing your developments to others and not to your previous development stages kind of screw it all.

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So, why did that little totem kept spinning in the last shot?

If cross-referenced with 8 ½, we may say the whole movie was a dream.

Matrix trilogy begun the frenzy, others like The Book of Eli continued it and now … Inception. Makes you think that is something more than a new kind of Superman stories… and for sure something more than the old battle between good and evil….

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Ever wondered why was makeup invented? What was the core purpose of wearing makeup? Being beautiful or looking in some definite way it’s just half of the answer.

The makeup was invented to deceit one to another, alike perfumes for example.  You put a mask of confidence, of beauty, of sadness to deceit somebody and reaching some selfish goals. Makeup cannot be altruist because of the core fact that it’s a fake and when doing something good you aren’t in any need to mislead others no-matter the circumstances.

CONFIDENCE mask you’re using to outsmart others senses that you know what it’s all about, they can trust you on different level even if financial level will be suffice.

BEAUTY mask used in a cover-up of imperfections on the subject or in other areas. Confidence is a side gain, the main purpose is to convince others that you’re a good pair for them, that they will benefit in having offsprings at least as beautiful as you.

SADNESS mask used out of emo-sphere has the unique purpose of getting more or less side perks playing the card of victimization. Pascal Bruckner is quite exhaustive in La tentation de l’innocence.

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The story goes (mostly by Apocrypha) that some angels (one third as it seems) wanted to start some kingdom of their own following another pissed off higher rank angel. For some many obvious reasons and not so obvious ones, they fail. Then they decided that a trip down to earth for some poon tang will be again a great idea.  Big surprise!!! or NOT, It wasn’t a great idea after all – see the Grand Canyon as the big flood proof. The rebellious angels had the time before the flood to pull some crazy shit, teaching humans all kind of neat stuff like sacred geometry, witchcraft, weapon making and other tricks… ,things that were discovered one at a time and kept secret (highly unlikely that even if revealed the Spritney Bears generation will make something good come out of that) by nerdy secret societies led by guys that never had what it took to make a boybands and get girls so they decided that leading the world will compensate that.

So, why did Lucifer got pissed so much? He was a Seraphim, something like God’s deputy and that wasn’t enough for him. The answer lies in The Book Of Revelation when read in good faith without thoughts of the destruction to come, the Armageddon, more precisely in the St. John letters to the seven churches in Asia. What doesn’t make a lot of sense how come a lower rank angel ,an Archangel like Michael kicked his ass… .

This post comes now cause the Pope just forgive the Jews for crucifying Christ… I’m just wondering if this guy really understand the Divine purpose of that action, The original sin redemption meaning of Christ’s crucifixion…

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March first


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These times are full of turmoil, the end of ages, galaxy alignments, Mayan calendars, prophecies that are coming true like the uprising conflicts in the arab world.

Back in Qatar I’ve had an epiphany, The Epiphany, the revelation of the God concept. I’ve realized back then than The Bible is exactly An Idiot Guide for Living The Right Life. From then on I’ve had a lot of religious talks with people belonging to Hinduism, to Islam, to Buddhism, discussion in which I’ve followed the common points in religious teachings. I’ve discovered that every belief was the same but expressed by different means that were more or less related to their part of the world climate, economical status, and other factors. The Torah from Islam is the same Old Testament in Christianity, the Muslims wrongfully believe that Christianity is a polytheist religion because of the misunderstanding of the Holy Trinity while Christians believe that The Islam is only about the Holy War, the Jihad which concept makes more than common sense when rightfully explained by a Muslim. The Hinduism as well is considered a polytheistic religion when actually, if talked with somebody pertaining to the Preist’s Cast, you’ll find out that they also believe in one only God that has multiple representations.

Those misunderstandings are caused by ignorance. People are becoming more self involved and ignorant to the ones surrounding them and religious beliefs are a taboo subject to be put on the discussion table, other profanities coming more handy to crop a discussion on. I remember arguing with an Algerian friend back in UAE when sharing our beliefs before we unmistakeably come to a common stand point that was satisfying both our religious beliefs, and when that was happening, everybody was clearing out the site from the fear that the Jihad may begin.

Returning to the post title, when you know the right way, when you truly and deeply understand the Divine reasoning behind The Decalogue for example, there is no turning back. You cannot go wrong and “UPPSSS!” it, you’ll not be fooling no-one and the feedback of your actions will be coming as a punishment right away. And God has a special way in delivering it to you so you’ll be the only one punished, the only one bearing the suffering.

What’s with this post in the middle of all these life philosophies? Well, religion is more than a part of life, it’s a way of life even for the so called atheists (Kind of hard of denying the existance of something it’s not ).

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